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Travel fanatic, can’t sit still, always wants more.
Addicted to flat whites, chocolate, and pasta pesto.

Hi, my name is Aga. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I’m Polish born, Hamburg influenced, and now Manchester exiled.
But I definitely don’t belong to one place.

I discovered my passion for travelling not that long ago, but I always knew I wanted to live abroad. So when the opportunity of moving to Hamburg came along, I knew I had to take it. I can safely say that I was reborn there: I started living on my own and working in an international environment, I met amazing people, experienced more dishes than kotlet schabowy and more drinks than vodka. But most importantly – I started travelling! After 4 enlightening years in Hamburg, I recently moved to Manchester and now can’t imagine my life without having the next trip booked.

When I was little, I always used to go with my parents to either the seaside or to the beautiful Polish mountains. During school holidays I participated in summer camps in The Czech Republic or Slovakia (because back then it was hip). I don’t know if this influenced my need to travel or just the fact that I’m an unsettled spirit, but today I’m obsessed with exploring new places and experiencing something I haven’t done before. Travelling gives me a kind of high that no drug ever could!

Besides travelling I enjoy running, spinning, body combat…everything that gives you an energetic kick. But when old age started knocking on my door, I also began appreciating more relaxing activities like napping and eating chocolate on my sofa…just kidding, like yoga and pilates.
What is more, after quitting meat last year, I started to live more sustainable life and all the environmental issues became close to my heart – we only have one Earth.

Ok, but what about this blog?

First of all, I want to state that everything you read here is subjective. The articles are based only on my experiences and views. I want it to be an honest, unbiased travel guide, a source of information for people looking for travel tips.
Secondly, what would be most gratifying is that any of my posts inspire you to visit somewhere or try something new.
Thirdly, since watching people use plastic bags, cups, bottles makes me super sad and a bit angry, I started the series Enviornmentally Friendly Tuesdays on Instagram that promotes ways to be more sustainable, eco friendly and cruelty free and I will be posting similar tips here too (if it’s not there yet, it will be).

So if you like it, find it interesting or have any suggestions, don’t be shy. Contact me here or on Instagram: @aga_on_the_run, where I spend my whole day.

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